To infinity and beyond!

Posted on December 30, 2014

We started Scoutzie a few years ago with a vision that one day everyone who wanted to work online would be able to do so, via a marketplace where talented professionals and clients in need would meet and transact in a safe environment, at a fair price, according to well defined rules and without surprises or hustle that are so frequent in the freelance world.

Unfortunately, after various approaches to establishing such a place, we came to a conclusion that time is not quite right.

Over the years we have built great friendships, learned a ton, and helped a lot of designers to advance their careers. Some found a steady source of revenue, some boosted their skills, some found new full-time jobs at the Valley’s most prestigious companies, others left their jobs and ventured on their own. Perhaps we did not change the world quite yet, but we made a few lives better, and a few people happier, and that is a good thing.

As of December 31, 2014, the service will become inactive. Current users will have access to their inbox for another two weeks to extract any asset or transaction history, after which the doors will close.

As for us, shutting down is not easy. It is hard to let go something that you have put all your effort, time and money into, and to see it sunset. But as with everything, there will be a new beginning to something more beautiful, worthy, and energizing.

I would like to thank all of our designer, customers, investors, service partners, and friends and family who have helped us to make this journey possible. You were outstanding!

Best Holiday Wishes!
Kirill Zubovsky, xCEO of

p.s. Friends have been asking if I could share my experience with them. I would love to write a series of posts focused on individual questions. If you would like to see these posts too, please follow me on twitter @kirillzubovsky and sign up for my newsletter. Once I am ready to share, I will let you know via those channels.