Andrus Valulis
Riga, Latvia
Response Time: 1 hour , Response Rate: 100.0

About me

I am UI/UX designer from Europe.
Clean and simple design is my passion, and I hope, it is yours too.

What differentiates me

My IT business development experience (and education :)) helps me to speak with a project manager and CEO's about same things in same language.

Educational background and work experience

Probably, I am the first designer you meet, who is a holder of Bachelors degree in Economics.
Companies I worked for : OE TV, Draugiem Group, QNext, ABLV Bank etc.

Social Verifications

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Reviews by clients


A creative, and professional designer that always delivers a quality product...thanks Andrus!


Andrus was a pleasure to work with, always open to feedback, coming up with his own good ideas. He provided very high quality output and we will definitely use him again.


Andrus was a pleasure to work with. He is responsive, talented and professional. He has helped bring the design of my application to a different level. I wish all projects ran this smooth He has great instincts and he makes the design process really easy. I highly recommend him to others.


Andrus, has a great sense of design and I enjoy working with him . He really cares about what he is doing and has helped me achieve more than I expected on a number of projects. He is a consummate professional and I enjoy working with him.


Andrus is great to work with.


He delivers his work on time and responsibly. Pleasure to work with and again in future.


Andrus was really excited to work on the project and treated as his own. He was very responsive and an blazing fast with edits and comments. Top notch.


i would hire him again in a heart-beat!


"Looking for a designer who can make clean, pixel perfect PSD files for an iPhone or iPad app just in time? You've come to the right place - here's one! Andrus, nice to meet you. Do you have a specific budget? Love to give feedback and have a deadline for when your design should be delivered? If so, you'll be my best client. Don't be afraid to ask about anything. I believe in going the extra mile to deliver the best results