How to Price and to Promote Design Work

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I think one of the biggest mistakes freelancers make, or people who are just starting out their freelance career, is assuming they are worth a high hourly rate. In addition to that, people also think that charging by hour is the way to go. I want to encourage them to think flexibly about the way they work with people.

How should a designer price himself?
If you price yourself right, you can win great projects, and as a freelancer, you got to think long-term. Focus on the relationship you have with you clients and your ability to bring more work in the future. Not looking at the whole equation can inhibit your ability to ship good products. Don't go after products just because of the hourly rate, but rather go after products that you really want to work on. Everything you do defines your portfolio, and you want one that pushes you in the right direction.

How can a freelacer promote her work?
If you are not business savvy or you don't have a business development person in your company, you will spend a good amount of your time chasing down leads, writing proposals, responding to emails, and all that takes away time from doing the actual design work that you love. That is actually a really cool thing Scoutzie offers - an easy way to build relationships between product companies and product designers.

For more advice for freelance designers, check out our full video interview with Anthony below.

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